Swing Force The Semi-Realistic Building Swing Simulator.

Can You Reach The Destination Alive?


Coming Soon on PC

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Swing Force simulator Demo Level Example animated Gif

Have you ever wondered if it would actually be possible to swing through the skyscrapers of a city? This game is working to find that answer.

Swing Force Simulator is an Indie action swing simulation game that uses real swing momentum to simulate a life-like experience. The simple goal of the game is to find the fastest route to the destination building, without destroying your robot in the process.

Swing Force Simulator is a casual level based experience and is in development using Unreal Engine 4.

Created By: Matt OB Games


Semi-Realistic Swing System

Swing Force Simulator uses a Semi-realistic swing momentum system.  Once you have started to swing, momentum takes over. The main goal of the system is to maintain a realistic feel without having to sacrifice a fun game play experience.  Be careful as Robots have been known to explode on impact.

100 Levels

Try out your skills in many different locations of our simulation city. As you progress throughout the levels, you will be able to explore all the city has to offer. There will be more levels added in the future.

Giant City Playground

Explore every corner of the city as you master your swinging skills. Each of the 100 levels will take you to different locations across the map so you can explore every neighborhood.

Multiple Level Challenges

Each level has multiple different challenges to increase your rank and unlock new items. These include the Completion, Time, and Health Awards. Once you have mastered those come back to the level for the expert Ring Challenge.

Dynamic Robot Destruction Cam

Swinging from one building to another doesn't always work out as planned. Robot destruction is going to be a very common problem. Swing Force Simulator aims to make this as entertaining as possible with the Dynamic Destruction Cam.

Robot Customization

With the Robot color customization system you can make your robot look however you want. As your rank increases, new Robot Models, Grappling Hooks and accessories will become available to make your Robot as awesome as possible.

Master Challenges

Once you are ready, put everything you have learned about swing momentum and the city to the test in 4 different Master Challenges.

First Person or Third Person View

Play the way you want. Choose between First person or Third person views. VR mode may also be available in the future.

No In Game Purchases

Swing Force Simulator is going back to basics. The only way to unlock anything is to simply play the game. All additional content added in the future will be 100% Free.